Rare Books

Wanjara Nomad has a collection in excess of 1230 rare books pertaining to the Sikh rule, East India Company, and the British empire. The earliest book in the collection is from circa 1671 and the majority of the books are from the 1800s and early 1900s. The collection is an accumulation of published material focusing on the Sikh liaisons with the colonial powers. How it shaped Sikh identity through the Mughal and the British eras and the role Sikhs played in shaping the geopolitical landscape of the subcontinent. Books are predominately first or second editions written by various authors with different perceptions.


While historical books may detail the events of our past that shaped Punjab, we can see a literal shaping when we take a look at the historic maps of British India. These maps help us understand the territory of the Sikh Empire, which had been annexed by the British East India Company in 1849, following the Second Anglo-Sikh War. We have collected some rare antique maps of the Indian subcontinent to give you an ancient tour that shows the changes in the Sikh Kingdom and surroundings.


The collection showcases a substantial assortment of Swords, uniforms, medals, badges, tunic buttons, cufflinks from that era, mostly connected to the Indian subcontinent.


Wanjara Nomad collection is also the custodian of some rare handwritten notes, postcards, stamp papers, and other memorabilia.


The collection has a good quantity of photos and albums which depict the essence of monuments, people, and cultures. A few sketchbooks of British soldiers stationed in that region capture the very essence of those times through their sketches.

Art And Antiquities

The collection has several lithographs and artworks that are curated from different auction houses and online sales.


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