About Us

The Sikh diaspora can be seen as Nomads scattered all over the world. It is the remembrance of our history that have led these Nomads collecting together, under one Nishan Sahib. The apogee of the callousness to annihilate the Sikhs can be seen through the various Ghallugharas and partitions. Throughout history, the supreme imperium of the time, including the natives of the Indian Subcontinent. The Mughal empire, and the British could not tame the Sant Sipahi that beat deep within each and every Sikh. Despite the ill-advised and unsuccessful attempts to racially cleanse the Sikhs from history, Wanjara Nomad Collections has compiled a bespoke array of antiquities to gather and piece together the history of the Sikhs to preserve, learn and share. We have chosen to watch history, like the sands flow through the hourglass. We have settled, and will continue to do so in distant lands that we now call home.

Our pulse remains in the essence, and presence of Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Our heart still longs to see The Halemi Raj “ Hum rakht patshahi dava”. Yearning for our Lahore!


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