1877. Official coloured folding map of India

INDIA 1877. Compiled from the most recent topographical and revenue surveys based on the Great Triangulation. Office of the Surveyor General of India [Calcutta] 1877. A large folding engraved map of the whole of India on a scale of 64 miles to 1 inch noted as being Preliminary Edition (without hills), coloured, dissected, and mounted on linen, 49 x 41½ ins unfolded. It folds down to a size of 8 x 5½ ins. It retains the original front black cloth board with a hand written paper label and the corresponding rear marbled endpaper . The map is coloured and shows full detail as far as Kabul and Kashmeer [sic] in the north and has some uncoloured detail beyond that as far as Yarkand anfd Herat. It also shows detail in Nepal and Tibet as far as Lhassa but is blank further north into Tibet. British Burma is coloured and in full detail and some detail is given of other parts of Burma and also of the western part of Siam. Ceylon and the Andaman Islands are detailed and a small coloured inset map off the south coast shows the Malay Peninsula and Sumatra. British Territory is shown in pink, Dependent and Subordinate Native States in yellow and Independent States in green. railways are shown as in use or under construction.


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