A list of military personnel

A list of military personnel and their awards during the Second World War. Each entry includes the individual's name, regiment/unit, and the medals they were awarded: 1. Sepoy Shop Guard Karam Singh, Indian Army Ordnance Corps: 1939-45 Star, Burma Star, War Medal, Indian Independence Medal 2.Sepoy Battan Singh, F.F.R. (Frontier Force Regiment): 1939-45 Star, Defence Medal, War Medal, Indian War Medal 3.Sepoy Diwan Singh, 1 17 Dogra: Medals awarded: 1939-45 Star, War Medal, Defence Medal, Indian Independence Medal 4. Ck. (Cook) Chand Singh, 1 Punjab R. (Punjab Regiment): Medals awarded: 1939-45 Star, Africa Star

5.Sepoy Pall Singh, F.F.R. (Frontier Force Regiment): Medals awarded: Pacific Star, War Medal 6. Nk (Naik) Vidya Datt, Survey Gp., R.I.E. (Royal Indian Engineers): Medals awarded: Defence Medal, War Medal 7. Sepoy Bishan Singh, 15 Punjab R. (Punjab Regiment): Medals awarded: War Medal, India Service Medal 8. Sepoy/W. & W. (War and Wound) Basta Singh, I.A.O.C. (Indian Army Ordnance Corps): Medals awarded: War Medal, Indian Independence Medal 9. Art. (Artificer) I. (Airmen) Bawa Singh, R.I.A.F (Royal Indian Air Force): Medals awarded: Indian Service Medal, Indian Independence Medal 10. Ran Bahadur Thapa, Singapore Police, late 4th Gurkha Rifles: Medals awarded: War Medal, G.S.M. (General Service Medal) Malaya Additionally, there is a note about Battan Singh's death and the commemoration of the Singapore War Memorial. Ran Bahadur Thapa served with the 4th Gurkha Rifles and the Singapore Police during specific periods.


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