Guru Nanak Darshan

Released at Khalsa College, dedicated to commemorating the 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. This artistic rendition of Guru Nanak's life and philosophy features paintings by renowned artists alongside historic accounts of his teachings. Emphasizing Guru Nanak's principles of justice, equality, and fraternity, the book aims to inspire and connect people with his profound wisdom. Published by the Khalsa College Charitable Society, the book represents a culmination of meticulous effort and dedication. With 63 pictures capturing various stages of Guru Nanak's life, the book offers a visually engaging portrayal accompanied by insights from his hymns. Designed by esteemed scholars and translated into English for broader accessibility, underscoring the significance of this tribute to Guru Nanak's enduring legacy.  *(Dr. Sarbjinder Singh's effort in securing this book for us is greatly appreciated)


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