Historical Records Of 3rd Royal Dragoons

HISTORICAL RECORD OF THE THIRD, OR THE KING'S OWN REGIMENT OF LIGHT DRAGOONS: CONTAINING AN ACCOUNT OF THE FORMATION OF THE REGIMENT In 1685, AND OF ITS SUBSEQUENT SERVICES To 1846. The regiment was renamed the 3rd (The King's Own) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons in 1818. It served in Ireland between January 1820 and June 1822 and between March 1826 and April 1829. It was dispatched in India in July 1837 and, having moved on to Afghanistan, saw action at the Battle of Kabul in September 1842 during the First Anglo-Afghan War. It fought again at the Battle of Mudki and at the Battle of Ferozeshah in December 1845 and at the Battle of Sobraon in February 1846 during the First Anglo-Sikh War. It then went on to fight at the Battle of Chillianwala in January 1849 and the Battle of Gujrat in February 1849 during the Second Anglo-Sikh War.

The regiment was renamed the 3rd (The King's Own) Hussars in 1861. It was posted to India in 1868, was back in England in 1879, then had a brief posting to Scotland from 1887 before they were stationed in Ireland from 1889 to 1894. The regiment was back in India in 1898. It was deployed to South Africa in December 1901 for service in the Second Boer War and was involved in the last great drives, capturing the boers, in the north-east of the Orange River Colony. Following the end of the war in South Africa, 507 officers and men of the regiment returned to India on the SS Ionian in October 1902, where they were stationed in Sialkot in Punjab Province.


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