Map Of The Coastal Region Of India

Detailed map of the coastal region of India centered on Madras and Fort St. George (Chennai), extending north to Erikans Lake (Pulicat Lake) and south to Cheeyer Tank and Allumparva (Cheyyur), one of a series of maps of India prepared by James Rennell for the East India Company. The map also extends inland, centered on the course of the River Palar, Paliar or Palaru (or Milk River). James Rennell is widely considered to be the most important and influential map maker of 18th century India. Rennell was appointed surveyor-general of Bengal in 1764, at the age of twenty-one. His first great work, "The Bengal Atlas", came out in 1779. It contained 21 maps and plans. He also created maps of the provinces as Behar, Bengal, Delhi, Agra, Oude and Allahabad.


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