North West Grontier Medal 1935 Of Sepoy Piara Singh 1/14 Punjab Regiment

The Second Mohmand campaign of 1935 was a British military campaign against the Mohmand tribes in the Northwest Frontier area of British India, now Pakistan. Tanks were used. In 1935 the Mohmands, influenced by the Haji of Turangzai and his three sons the Badshah Guls, were marauding in the plains. At the end of July about 2000 tribesmen were disrupting working parties repairing the Mohinand–Gandab road. The Government decided to send a sizeable punitive force against them, called the Mohmand Force. After fierce fighting, attackers were driven off and British created a campaign to fight the Pashtuns. This put an end to the tribal revolt and order was reinforced.


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