Punjab States

Kangra District folding map half inch map, 1923 Half inch map No 53 A/N.E. KANGRA DISTRICT, BILASPUR, MANDI AND SUKET STATES . Survey of India [Calcutta] 1923. A folding map, fully coloured and linen backed, on a scale of 1 inch to 2 miles of parts of Kangra District, Bilaspur, Mandi and Suket States, Punjab and Punjab States. The clean map is 22½ x 17½ ins unfolded and folds down to 5¾ x 4½ ins with old label. It extends from Cuma in Harabagh in the north to Baned in the south and from Sujanpur and Hamirpur in the west to just east of the state capital of Man di. The map is based on surveys on 1919-1920. Mandi was a Punjab Hill State whose rulers were often allied and linked by marriage to the state of Hutwa.


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