Soldiers of the , 'The Quarter Guard'

illustration for 'Armies of India' by Major G.F. MacMunn, published in 1911, 1908 Chronology" 1857 raised by Brevet Major William Hodson as Hodson's Horse 1858 2nd Regiment of Hodson’s Horse formed 1859 regiment split into 9th & 10th Bengal Lancers 1861 10th became 10th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry 1864 became 10th Regiment of Bengal Cavalry (Lancers) 1874 became 10th Regiment of Bengal Lancers 1878 became 10th Bengal (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) Lancers 1901 became 10th (Duke of Cambridge’s Own) Bengal Lancers (Hodson’s Horse) 1903 became 10th Duke of Cambridge’s Own Lancers (Hodson’s Horse) 1921 became 4th Duke of Cambridge's Own (Hodson's Horse) 1927 became Hodson's Horse (4th Duke of Cambridge's Own Lancers) 1947 allocated to India on Partition; became Hodson's Horse 1966 became 4th Horse Service in British India: 1857 Indian Mutiny 1859 Lucknow 1867 Abyssinia 1878 Afghanistan 1895 Jhelum 1900 Nowshera 1911 Jullundur 1921 Multan


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