The Great Glory Sikhism

The Great Glory Sikhism by Malkiat Singh Goswami Sandeep (Author) "The Great Glory Sikhism," authored by Sandeep Goswami, stands as a testament to the noble virtues and rich heritage of Sikhism. In his first book, Goswami eloquently portrays Sikhs as righteous warriors, devoted pilgrims, and humble servants of Wahe Guru. Supported by Malkiat Singh's evocative photography, the book offers a captivating glimpse into the essence of the Sikh community.  

Goswami, a Delhi-based writer, brings a heartfelt desire to share the glorious legacy of the Sikhs to his work. With extensive experience in writing on heritage and tourism for esteemed publications like Swagat and Discover India, Goswami's words breathe life into the pages of "The Great Glory Sikhism." This hardcover volume, adorned with 180 pages of profound insights and captivating imagery, serves as a tribute to all Sikhs who embody the virtues of their faith. Published by Rupa and priced at 1950, "The Great Glory Sikhism" is a must-read for anyone seeking to understand the profound covenant of faith that unites the Sikh community. *(Dr. Sarbjinder Singh's effort in securing this book for us is greatly appreciated.)  


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