The Quest Continues Lost Heritage

The Quest Continues Lost Heritage: The Sikh Legacy In Pakistan, Amardeep Singh Born in Gorakhpur (India), Amardeep Singh was educated at The Doon School (Dehradun, India). He studied Electronics Engineering at the Manipal Institute of Technology (India) and Masters in Business Administration at the University of Chicago, USA. He now lives in Singapore. Having worked in the Financial Services sector for 25 years, he has led the Asia Pacific Region at American Express for Revenue Management of the Credit Card business.

Since the year 2014, he has dedicated himself to visual ethnographic research. He has authored two books, entitled, ‘Lost Heritage, The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan’ and ‘The Quest Continues: Lost Heritage, The Sikh Legacy in Pakistan’. He has also made a few documentary films on the remnants of the Sikh legacy remnants in Pakistan. Amardeep has led a cross-border team to create a 24 episode docuseries, “Allegory, A Tapestry of Guru Nanak’s Travels”, which is available on


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