Waziristan Service Medal Of Sepoy Gopi Ram 2/25 Punjabis 1919-21; 1921-24

The Waziristan Revolt of 1919-1920 was sparked by the Afghan invasion of British India in 1919. Though the British quickly defeated the Afghans, the Waziri tribesmen gave the colonial forces a very difficult fight. Many of the Waziri men were veterans of the British-led and controlled Indian Army and used modern military tactics and modern Lee Enfield rifles against the British and Indian forces sent into Waziristan. The Waziristan campaign 1921-24 was a roadconstruction effort and military campaign conducted from 21 December 1921 to 31 March 1924 by British and Indian forces in Waziristan These operations were part of the new Forward Policy, which sought to reduce and eventually eliminate tribal uprisings and tribal raids into settled districts by stationing regular troops inside Waziristan, which would then be capable of swiftly responding to Waziri rebellions.

The rebel tribes attempted to harass the British troops, but were unsuccessful in stopping the British road construction efforts.


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