Lahore to London: A Journey of Chardi Kala

Wanjara Nomad Collections is humbled to present "Lahore to London: A Journey of Chardi Kala".This epic journey, rich in heritage and resilience, begins in the fields of Des Punjab. Echoing the British annexation of the Sikh Empire, a moment forever etched in our hearts. As we venture from Lahore to London, we transcend mere geography.

Each artifact in this collection is a testament to the unyielding spirit of the Sikh panth (community). They mirror our adaptability and strength, safeguarding our treasured identity. This exhibition is a tribute to our enduring spirit, as a celebration of our noble legacy and a beacon of hope and resilience in a diverse world. More than a recount of history, this narrative is a soulful odyssey, a perpetual state of certitude resting on the unwavering belief in Divine justice. It extols our courage, endurance, and rich cultural tapestry.

"Lahore to London" invites us to explore the fusion of past and present, celebrating Sikh Canadians' remarkable journey. It delves into our identity as eternal wanderers, basking in the glow of Chardi Kala. As Sikh Canadians, we stand for dignity and equality for all, upholding human rights, fighting oppression, and advocating for freedom and dignity for everyone, in true Chardi Kala spirit.

"The aim of this exhibit is preserving, learning and sharing in Chardi kala with fellow Canadians” said Raj Singh Bhandall, Curator of Wanjara Nomad Collections.

“We are excited to have selections from this collection on display for Surrey residents. It is an opportunity to deepen our understanding of the communities here in Surrey”, said Lynn Saffery, Museum Manager.

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