The view of Wanjara Nomad is to understand, preserve, and share the collection curated from different sources and continents, to see how Sikhs cognize a view of the Past, Present and Future. This is our story of a horizontal, vertical, and thematic dimension. We will share a small, humble collection of books, medals, maps, albums, and Ephemera, hoping that it will encourage and work as a catalyst to preserve the past on a singular level. Our collection includes topics primarily related to Sikhs and how they were affected by East India (British), Mughals and Natives. How we not only fought for our freedom but also for theirs. To understand how we see the world around us and how the world sees us. The vision is to continue collecting and someday by Waheguru’s Grace, set up a museum as a repository of Sikh heritage.

Wanjara Nomad will further develop and augment its presence and outreach throughout Sikh diaspora, through artifact collections and traveling exhibits.


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